America's largest supplier to wholesalers, stores and consumers across the USA!

America's largest supplier to wholesalers, stores and consumers across the USA!

GLMR MAFIA Membership Club


Want a discount? Become a member by purchasing GLMR MAFIA Membership Club!


The GLMR MAFIA is a membership club that immediately gives you 10% OFF all of your purchases from our website or in person for 1 year! Not only that but you will be entered into a monthly drawing for a FREE RACK! Yes, free and free shipping included, and yes, you can win it multiple times!!

Think of it as you are having access to a GLMR Black Friday sale every day of the year! Plus, you will have 1 entry every month for 1 year into a drawing that will be held LIVE on the last Sunday of every month for a chance to win a free rack, with free shipping. Plus, you will be invited to the new GLMR MAFIA Facebook Group page that will hold the drawings. This is a private page and only MAFIA members will be invited to it. This group will also serve as the page where all the announcements will be made first before our other platforms. Such as new rack designs, inside info into the fireworks industry, insider info, pyro news, exclusive offers, other giveaways and future exciting announcements regarding GLMR or anything else we know of. If you do not have a Facebook account, we will contact you if you win via email or phone, but when signing up please let us know you do not have an account.

Here are the rack giveaway details, as mentioned above, you are automatically entered into the once-a-month rack giveaway! You will be able to watch it LIVE on Facebook! We will pull a name from a tumbler; the winner will receive a free rack with free shipping! (Those of you in Hawaii and Alaska, we ask that you help pay half of the shipping costs) Rack models will be determined as the membership grows. However, the smallest rack will be a 6 shoot Mayhem which is currently a $50 value not including shipping. As the membership grows, so will the rack size! And keep in mind, your name will be in every drawing each month, regardless of if you have already won. So, you will have 12 chances at a free rack! If you win a rack and don’t feel that you have the space to shoot it, for example a fan rack of some type, you can choose a rack of same or lesser value. And as always, if you have questions regarding the space you have to shoot, please call us and we can help!

You will need to create an account upon checkout for all of this to work as well as helping us keep track. So, thank you for that!

So, you get 10% off any purchase for a year, each purchase, every time for 1 year from when you become a member! There is no limit to how many times you can make a purchase with your 10% off.  Only 1 membership per person, per year for a maximum of 10% off per purchase.  Once you have purchased your membership, the website will recognize you has a returning customer and a 10% off coupon code will automatically be applied to your purchase. The website will keep track off the 1-year membership, so once your 1 year passes you will lose that 10% off coupon unless you purchase another year of course.

Also, each rack you buy while a member or happen to win, will be branded with a new GLMR MAFIA member iron!

Welcome to the GLMR MAFIA and good luck!

Jolene & Chris