America's largest supplier to wholesalers, stores and consumers across the USA!

America's largest supplier to wholesalers, stores and consumers across the USA!


Why should I purchase your racks rather than someone else’s?

Just by looking at our racks you should be able to see that there a big differences. We here at GLMR take pride in building the Best Racks in the Biz! Overall, the construction, designs, materials and basic look is much different than others out there. One of the best compliments we have gotten is this, “Your racks look like they were built in a shop and you care how they look, others look like they were thrown together in someone’s garage using scrap wood”.

Is the blue pipe in your racks HDPE?

Yes, all of our mortar racks come with our signature blue HDPE mortars for use with any size consumer canister shell you can buy from your local fireworks store.

Do you racks come with pipe?

Yes, all of our mortar racks come with pipe in them and fully assembled ready for use!

I would like to pick up racks, do you offer pickup to customers?

Absolutely! We encourage our customers to pick up their orders, we love meeting and talking to our customers! Please call in advance to make sure we have what you want ready!

Do you have 1.3 pipe and racks?

Yes! We do it all here at GLMR! All 1.3 racks are built custom to how the customer wants it made that is why we don’t have prices or designs on the website for sale. However, refer to the Custom Builds tab for pictures as well as our FaceBook page.

When will my order ship?

More than likely it will ship the day after your order is placed. It all depends on the day of the week or weekend it comes in. Never will it take more than a few days to get your order onto a UPS truck. Unless of course the item is listed as out of stock on the Website.

Do you carry 15” HDPE pipe?

No. If you want please call the number on the website and Chris will tell you why you don’t need 15” pipe to shoot your 5”, 6” or even 7” canister shells you have. It’s all marketing to get you to buy “their” shells.

I don’t have PayPal so how can I order?

You do not have to have a PayPal account to place an order. PayPal just handles the secure transactions and you can use any credit card for payment.

Is an item in stock?

Unless an item is listed as Backordered, then it is in stock and will ship very soon. Refer to the shipping question above.

Do you do custom builds?

Here at Great Lakes Mortar Racks we we will build anything that you may think of as long as we can build it to be safe and sturdy for years of enjoyment! We don’t sell 1.3 pipe on our site but we can get it and build to your needs. Please contact us for what you are looking for and we can build it to your needs or simply tell us what you want and let us design and build it to our standards! We are here to help so please call us for what you need!!

Do you sell 1.3 (Class B) mortars individually?

Yes, we do! Because of the enormous amount of work trying to get shipping costs together for many different options such as mortar sizes and quantities of all the varieties of mortars we have, we ask that you email us with what you are in need of, and we can get back to you with a quote. Please provide your full shipping name and address so we can get you an accurate shipping price as well.

Can I combine multiple discount offers?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot combine multiple discount offers that we have.

I don’t remember my password/am having trouble logging into the site. How can I remedy this?

Use this link to get an email sent to reset your password.