America's largest supplier to wholesalers, stores and consumers across the USA!

America's largest supplier to wholesalers, stores and consumers across the USA!


Ordered the racks and tubes from you for use in my show this upcoming New Year, so I’m not in a hurry. I realize my order isn’t necessarily small either, so not a problem.

It may or may not surprise you due to the size of my order, but I’m just an average backyard pyro. This is my first year being able to afford going big with consumer fireworks, so I’m going all out. Just recently sourced my first firing system from Cobra, as well.

I’ve had the intention of purchasing from you for quite some time after finding your business through a Google search a while back and am excited to finally have things in motion. Can’t wait to receive everything. You without a doubt fabricate the best mortar racks in the industry. No one else comes even remotely close to your work.

Those blue tubes you use are what stood out and caught my attention when originally searching around for good premade or custom produced racks I could source. I kept coming across very poorly made racks and didn’t understand why there were so many companies producing them in such a cheaply made fashion, or why there wasn’t much demand from pyros for racks of better quality in general.

Clicked on an image I found of one of your 50s and saw ‘Great Lakes’, and instantly understood the color choice. I’m originally from Michigan, so I was already sold from that moment. The branding iron imprinting is a beautiful touch on the racks, in addition to the overall quality and blue colored tubes, and really sets your racks apart. I’ve seen you’ve gotten really creative as well, with your Mayhem and Serpent etc. series racks. Overall, you’re killing it man. I’m only ever sourcing racks and tubes from you, without a doubt.

Anyways, looking forward to hearing back from you. Give me a heads up when everything has shipped and send me the tracking number so I know when to be ready to receive the delivery.